Successful Flash Games

Iain Lobb

A rapid-fire exploration of the Flash games scene. If you want to create a hit Flash game, this talk will tell you what to make, how to make it, where to promote it and how to make money from it. I’ll cover platforms and devices, genre, graphical style, branding, playability, control schemes, localisation, distribution and promotion. I’ll also go into detail about technical issues, such as making your game pausable, making save-game functionality, optimising performance and creating multi-user games. I’ll also give real-world examples of why certain Flash games are successful – including games I’ve made and games I just love playing.

Presentation: SWF

Iain and Bloc:

Games by Bloc:

Other games I talk about:


Other business models:

Flash games sites:

Flash games on devices:

Flash games on the desktop

Mic control:
Chicken fight

Webcam contro:

3D games: – Amazing!

Game Artwork:

Game design theory:

Free sprites!:

Tweening Engines:




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