Arduino & ActionScript

George Profenza

This talk will be a quick intro into Arduino, sensors, actuators and communication with Flash. I will present the different options for creating visuals using data from Arduino and the pros and cons of working using Flash for this sort of projects. Hopefully, if the hardware won’t fail, we’ll have some nice demos.

Presentation: PDF
Source: ZIP

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  1. I just viewed the source on your page , looking for a dowload URL for the video (which would be nice , so I could watch it offline en route to work :) and I noticed that you have spam links injected into your page… your WordPress has been hacked! Its happened to me before. You should probably edit your templates and remove the links, change your password, and upgrade to the latest version to prevent getting hacked again.

  2. @David Wilhelm The video is streamed, so I’m afraid you can’t download it.

    Also, source files that go along with the slides/talk are available on this page:

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